The firm CREGO LAWYERS was founded in 1962 by the partner, member and director José Antonio Crego Rodriguez, constituting today one of the legal & tax services firms, leaders in the Region of Murcia. For over fifty years, we have offered tax and legal services based on values like vocation, personalized advice, quality, independence, efficiency and responsiveness and international projection. Despite our long history, CREGO ABOGADOS, it is a modern firm, with a clear vision of the future because we understand what clients need today and what they will need tomorrow. Our team is in constant communication with our customers to find out their needs in order to help them to achieve their goals, offering a wide range of tax and legal services and tailor-made budgets. CREGO LAWYERS is a multidisciplinary firm whose members have a strong specialization in the field of Conveyancing, Corporate Law, Labour Law, Accounting, Tax Law, Residence, Inheritance Law, etc. and an extensive experience in professional practice before Courts (Litigation). Our professionals work with a philosophy directed to the prevention of conflicts and the friendly solution of controversies, nevertheless, if it is necessary they will make a committed and forceful defense of the interests of our clients before Courts, providing continuous information on the development of the procedure and easy accessibility in the dealings with them. CREGO ABOGADOS also has an extensive network of professional collaborators contrasted in various specialties, like architects, appraisers, etc., keeping in constant contact with all the news of the social and legal reality, to guarantee our clients a comprehensive and efficient service.



We understand that only from a deep vocation for Law and for provide solutions to the conflicts of individuals, business and society ultimately, the exercise of our profession is possible.



We firmly believe that the only way to achieve maximum quality in our services is to build an excellent personal relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and loyalty, so that we can offer the most personalized legal and tax advice to suit their particular needs and requirements.

Also in CREGO LAWYERS, we believe that each of the issues posed by our customers every day is the most important and therefore try to find the best solution for each of them is our daily challenge.



Work capacity and technical skills of our professionals allows us to offer our customers high quality services. We believe that the combination of an excellent academic preparation, a postgraduate education a continuing education and a professional experience gives as a result a professional able to offer our customers excellence in the services.



In our professional activity we watch with particular attention to possible conflicts of interest that may arise among some of our customers between them or with us, refraining to act as advisors in such cases.



The immediacy in the effective resolution of customer issues it is a priority for the firm, more even in a society like ours where a fast response can mean the difference between success or failure of an operation.



In an environment like Murcia and Alicante, where foreign investment is an important source of growth, the firm has a great international projection, based on the experience of our professionals who regularly deal with customers of various nationalities in several languages.


Conveyancing Services in Spain.

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